About Us

E-BIS Ltd is a recognised, accredited and reputable organisation providing of Converged IP Solutions to all sectors of business and commerce, operating from our Head Office in Nottingham. Centrally based we are backed by a capacity to mobilise staff and resources nationally when required.

We are recognised for our vision and commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Offering a comprehensive suite of communications technology products and services throughout the UK through a multi-disciplined team and if possible entering the thought process of any project at the earliest possible stage so allowing all parties and key personnel to form a team-working environment for project delivery.

Adopting a best of breed strategy, E-BIS is focused on forging strategic alliances with market leading organisations with an emphasis on long term partnerships with both our suppliers and clients equally and by working as a true partnership, our aim for all of our clients is a desire to drive down costs and improve efficiency through effective management of all projects and to honour our commitments in an open, ethical, professional and friendly manner.

Our supplier chain partners are industry leaders and product manufacturers, hardware companies and communications vendors, all who have access to the latest technologies and cabling products

As a business, we firmly believe that in the IT services sector that some companies are driving away customers by failing to deliver service. E-BIS understands that in return for loyalty, customers demand good, hassle free service and skilled engineers who meet their scheduled appointments.

In a free market with strong competition, we have found that by sticking to our values and approach, more battles are won rather than lost: first by offering services that solve real business issues, and second by demonstrating quality, honesty and integrity.